White House Moves to Control US Citizen's Arms by International Treaty

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White House Moves to Control US Citizen's Arms by International Treaty

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FROM: https://fullmagnews.com/2021/09/06/bide ... rol/?wmg=1

September 6, 2021 Full Mag Staff News
Despite the many regulations, rules, and laws in the United States, when it comes to guns we are still free in comparison to the rest of the world. In other countries it is near impossible to get your hands on a firearm of any caliber. This being said the Biden administration and the ever-growing gun control lobby is looking to change this.

The Biden administration has recently signaled its support for international gun regulation. State Department official William Malzahn spoke at the Seventh Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty and made it very clear the Biden administration is looking to aid the international community in gun control efforts.

There were several mentions of the Arms Trade Treaty(ATT) at this conference, Malzahn repeatedly referenced the administrations support for this international treaty.

This treaty allows the international community to dictate certain elements of the arms trade. The Obama administration attempted to get in on the treaty but the Senate killed all US involvement with the treaty, now it appears Joe Biden is looking to bring this debate back.

This treaty will not allow the international community to stop gun sales or block all imports but this is the first step in a major power grab. When it comes to the gun grabbers, no amount of gun laws and regulations will suffice. If the United States were to sign onto this treaty it would be a disaster for American gun owners.

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