What is "This" All About?

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What is "This" All About?

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I do believe "this" is about shutting down 1st world society and mass population reduction through many avenues. This all makes sense when you look at it in this light. The "silent weapons for quiet wars" looks like it did indeed begin at the advent of electronic processing of data.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Vast amounts of data processing power and mass storage now exist to measure almost everything worldwide. What was missing is near-real-time communication and with bandwidth ubiquitous in nature. As 5G is deployed we now have this capability.

What is in our benefit is that the rapid advancement of the "plan" shows inherent disorganization so there must be a reason for stepping up the time table. In the past resistance was left to mellow much longer so that the masses stay asleep.

What is this catalyst that propels chaotic deployment of end game strategies?

While debatable, I believe it gives us hope but only if enough of the masses in the last country of heavily armed citizenry stand up and do not comply BUT in a peaceful manner. The USA is truly the last country with powerful enough citizens and laws to stop this march toward serfdom and a new dark age.

I believe the time for "online" petitions and “online” protests are over and people must physically get into the struggle with gatherings, phone calls, emails, letters, voting with your feet, voting with your spending etc. BUT all peacefully. Go to board meetings. Protest in front of the homes of the elected. Put up posters, stickers everywhere. Do not shop at stores that do not follow your beliefs. Be seen so that the controlled media, and yes the Bellingham Herald is also heavily controlled, is not needed. The populace will not be able to avoid noticing a swelling in peaceful non-compliance. The meek will be emboldened by the brave and join. Now is the time to donate money to these causes. Create networks of communication, trade outside of the controlled economy, grow food, Save food and try to become as self-sufficient as possible. Use your money to vote while it is still worth something.

What could "they" whom wish to control us do with the masses starting to rise? Well, a "false flag" during a protest is very possible so all must be aware, have cameras ready and know "they" wish to make us look bad and take the moral “high ground." Do not participate in criminality. Lead by example. Do not lose your soul to win a fight or in the end you will surely lose. Jesus says, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul.”

Let us face it, they want a kinetic conflict because the military is well trained, equipped and is being purged of patriotic members at an increasing pace. Foreign military can be called in from many U.N. countries “assist” in “coups” and “uprisings.” An “emergency” can be declared with door to door arms confiscation as happened in New Orleans or similar. There is nothing better “they” would like to see than the divisions “they” sowed for decades come to armed conflict so the military can save the day and lock down everyone, unarmed, isolated from others and without hope.

We must be brave. This is not just for us or our friends and neighbors but for our prodigy. As the founding fathers of our nation pledged their life and possessions we must access our situation because I believe the time is nigh before we and our prodigy wake up homeless on the continent our Fathers conquered.

Levi Patrick
Son of the American Revolution
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