Medical Professional ONLY Open Discussion "How concerned are you about vaccine related adverse events?"

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Medical Professional ONLY Open Discussion "How concerned are you about vaccine related adverse events?"

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Nicole B26 minutes ago
I am extremely concerned about the impact of these vaccines. The safety of the vaccines has never been called into question. There are no long term studies indicating efficacy, safety, or long term response. As many have stated to mandate the vaccine in the trial phase is highly unethical. I agree with other posts that point out healthcare worker shortages that will occur as a result of mandating the vaccine and it’s impact on the healthcare system would be astronomical. Besides the unethical nature of the vaccines, the Hippocratic oath to do no harm is blatantly being ignored when we have no idea the long term ramifications of immunizing mass groups of people.

amy be1 hour ago
I posted a few weeks ago about continuous lower eyelid twitching for five months. This week I started doing exercises for the muscles around the eye. My eye twitch stopped.

It could be a coincidence. I have also been taking B12 , Magnesium, Zinc, Vit D. Stopped alcohol, coffee, and recently had two weeks mostly away from screens. So now I’m not sure what the cause was but thought I’d share as there were a few people who reported constant eye twitching and I know how much anxiety it can cause! Interestingly , once my twitch stopped, the tingling and burning in my feet and legs also stopped. I don’t know if maybe it ran its course or whether my anxiety was causing the other symptoms.

Keevn Otte2 hours ago
I'm an optometrist practicing in Canada. I've had 4 patients with post-vaccine events. Two cases of Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus, one Bell's Palsy, and one child with acute CN6 Palsy.

In regards to vaccine effectiveness and the narrative that vaccine-generated immunity is necessary, it doesn't make sense how developing antibodies to a single protein (spike) confers long-lasting immunity even close to developing antibodies to the thousands of surface proteins through natural exposure.

As far as I see it, the best way past this pandemic is through it. We need to emphasize lifestyle and dietary factors to improve metabolic health, and we need to give doctors permission to use proven therapeutics like ivermectin and HCQ. Also, docs, get your patients on nebulized hydrogen peroxide at the first sign of symptoms.

Kez J26 minutes ago
@ Keevn Otte what strength of hydrogen peroxide do you use in the nebuliser? Diluted in Normal Saline?

Amy B7 hours ago
Impact of mandating Covid vaccines for healthcare workers- There will be provider burnout carrying the load during the shortage. More providers will quit. More mistakes will be made and worst case sentinel events Hospitals will undoubtedly go on divert. This does not only involve hospitals but doctors offices.

Clinics will have issues with appointments moving slower, return call times and prescription refills will take longer. The ambulance services will be delayed as well with shortages.

Two things I want to point out- Healthcare workers have ALWAYS received the suggested vaccines- or signed an declination or exemption. For the most part- we all have our vaccines. We know we are not anti-vax. So why this vaccine? EVERYONE should be asking that question.

Secondly, if the hospitals are overwhelmed with patients (all 3 of mine are not) why would you terminate employment for the same staff who has been on the front lines without extra pay, showing up every shift, using the same PPE, wearing the same N95 for 5-12 hour shifts in a row- to be forced to receive this vaccine?

I will tell you where I personally lost confidence- when intelligent, trusted, reputable Healthcare providers who are at the bedside of these patients were silenced. Not allowed to question anything, ask for data, or question the science that was guiding the care we provide. Nor was our input asked for- no open forums- NOTHING. That is where I said NO to the vaccine. I have several colleagues and know many providers using alternate treatmens that are working.

I have been in Healthcare for over 30 years and I am disgusted and at the same time disappointed at the comments I hear from coworkers on the unvaccinated. Recently a co-worker stated- a patient on Covid rule out should get last priority because they are unvaccinated.

I have heard about providers turning away unvaccinated patients. What has happened to Healthcare? Is this whom we have become? I don't know about all of you but I got into Healthcare to help people- the sick, elderly, vulnerable and poor. Now providers are turning their backs on patients because they are not vaccinated? My God!

For over a year and a half we have heard wear a mask, save lives- then why can't people continue to do so until additional data, transparency, and confidence is built back into Healthcare? I am seeing posts that people don't trust Healthcare anymore. This just breaks my heart.

Concerned Provider

Tracy Kidd3 hours ago
Amy B The reason most health care workers took other vaccines is they had appropriate research and FDA approval. They are mandating that we participate in this clinical trial, with little research and no long term studies. Biden announced today that health care professionals working with Medicare/Medicaid patient must be vaccinated. My employer is terminating any unvaccinated employees 10/1/2021.I am leaving health care after 25 years of nursing and working the front lines during the entire pandemic. I have been taking Hydroxychloroquine for over a year and also worked ER during SARS I pandemic and studies show 17 years later we still have immunity. I don’t know where this will lead but praying that it is not the total collapse of our entire medical system.

Dr. Teresa E.2 hours ago
Amy B

I agree with you completely, nobody should be forced to take a vaccine you don't consent for. Unfortunately, you might be referring to Medicare/Medicaid, which if I remember well are private contractors. Private companies have the power to somewhat governate themselves and can legally ignore your freedom of speech. Going against this is going against the fundamentals of Capitalism.

Nicole B28 minutes ago
The fact that private companies are given the opportunity to put hard working Americans out of a job over a highly unethical vaccine is preposterous. This “vaccine” does not prevent illness for anyone, it does not convey immunity, and it does not protect the vulnerable as was touted. There should be no loopholes to ignore the freedom of speech of Americans and their right to choose what goes into their bodies.

Candace Ganjavi8 hours ago
Concerned that they are still in clinical trails, according to the EUA fact sheet on each shot and we are promoting them like they have been studied for years and years. Why are we putting our reputations and careers on the line when we lie and say “safe and effective” over and over, disregarding all the real life data out there.

Dr Mel L13 hours ago
I think a new concern now will be the third shot. It seems a large percentage of people reported a more severe reaction after their second shot. Will the third cause these people even more of a reaction?

Julia Harbeck12 hours ago
@Dr Mel L Wouldn't these adverse reactions be considered an allergy, how many of us would knowingly insist a patient have a medication they had shown to be allergic to. Will they be forced to take them?

Dr. zachary kilpatrick11 hours ago
@Dr Mel L ... 121.318902

Dr. Sarah Marschner14 hours ago
Received this (please see below) from a friend this morning who currently lives in Switzerland...this is a male, approximately age 60, 2 weeks post-Pfizer vaccine #1. No other known health conditions. He is a world-renowned celebrity, and I'm sure is getting optimal care. Any ideas, hints, suggestions about these symptoms? Possible response to GO? AND: any suggestions for treatment at this point also welcome. Thank you.

"I've been in hospital twice with severe headaches and hallucinations. Set in after the vaccine. I've had CT scans etc and everything is apparently ok. They're saying it's stress but I'm not sure I'm buying that. I'm right now waiting to see an alternative Dr who has an antidote. I'll let you know how I get on.
Sure. It's been scary. I mean, sure I'm stressed and the brain is a very powerful tool but I've never been anything like this in my life.
Go ahead and tell Sarah. The symptoms are well documented. I'm not alone. Even one of the Drs told me she'd had it for 8 weeks."

Irina Belaya8 hours ago
Could you please share if you find out what kind of antidote this patient is offered by the "alternative Dr." Thank you.

Etienne Gauthier14 hours ago
Quick update from my side. I saw a second neurologist and she said that these are side effects of the vaccine that should resolved but would take time. I don't have small fiber neuropathy. She mentioned to take CBD to help with the symptoms and the anxiety that comes with this.

@laura gile and @jessica crowe I'm 11 weeks in and still have muscle twitching mainly in my claves and feet and tremors(internal and external). In my first post I've also mentioned that I had blood test, IRM of the spine and brain, and EMG. Even tested for Lyme. All came clean. All that started 3 weeks after my first Pfizer jab. My days are up and down. On a down I have brain fogginess or heavy head(just like if my brain is a brick or is contracted. It doesn't hurt or don't feel like it is squeezed) and sometimes dizziness making me going to bed for a few hours. I don't want the second dose because I don't want to live this again. Also I've been reading that it could also trigger heart issues.

Dr. zachary kilpatrick11 hours ago
@Etienne Gauthier ... 121.318902

Etienne Gauthier7 hours ago
@Dr. zachary kilpatrick I'm not a medical professional can you help me understand what should I conclude from this article? Are you suggesting that I shouldn't take the second shot?

laura gile11 hours ago
Hello etienne, thank you for your update. Although I'm sad to hear your experiencing the same it's also comforting to know I'm not alone. Also reassuring to hear a neirologists opinion seeing as I am yet to see one. I really am hoping the muscle twitching stops one day. I find that is my biggest anxiety trigger. I also feel your pain with the heavy head. I won't be having the second jab as my gp advised me not too as I've had such an intense reaction to one dose. Keep us posted and I wish you well xx

Amy B23 hours ago
Thoughts or concerns in reference to donating blood for the recipient. In accordance to the guidance by the CDC and FDA, the American Red Cross is allowed to accept blood donations of Covid vaccinated persons, in which I don't have concerns with. My true concern is once the blood is donated, there is ZERO indication on the blood stored in the blood banks as to if it is vaccinated or not. Shouldn't this be a rise for concern as this vaccine is still under an EUA? Shouldn't the blood have some indication as to if it is a Covid vaccinated donor and which vaccine was recieved in case of an adverse event? What about those who do not wish to have Covid vaccinated blood for medical or religious reasons? Is there is any supportive data to provide patients or Healthcare providers- studies, safety data? Shouldn't this information along with a disclosure be made transparent to the recipient? What tracking if any is being utilized? What happens if the Covid vaccine is NOT approved in regards to donated blood? What will blood banks and hospitals/providers do?

Dr. Teresa E.10 hours ago

All you concerns are valid and interesting. But, I suggest to be mindful when talking about this matter because, if we go into this path the issue is not only about blood donations. Therefore, are other blood products, organs and tissues that patients desperately needs for their survival. My personal concern is on regards the way this topic is addressed in here. First, it can promote further discrimination among donors and recipients; second, people potentially will be refusing life saving treatments based on fear and not current scientific evidence.

S S6 hours ago
@Dr. Teresa E. "Scientific evidence." Who determines that "evidence"? The same people who say "trust the science" regarding these "vaccines" that are harming people?

Dr. Teresa E.2 hours ago

Are you aware that science within scientific evidence are behind humans being able to generate treatments for multiple conditions? Treatments that are saving millions of people's lives per minute? Perhaps, antibiotics, medications for diabetes, hypertension, several types of cancers, autoimmune conditions, heart, kidney, liver, lung failure and the list can go very very long... science is behind the car you drive, your food production, the computer you are writing on right now!!

Do you think our life expectancy is not longer 30 years old for no reason? 🤔

Sandra Lockhart1 day ago
I am a retired Nurse Practitioner from Canada. I am frankly shocked by the blind faith my colleagues are applying to their views of the safety and efficacy of the Experimental Injection.

NPs who are Master’s prepared are abandoning their critical thinking and research skills in favour of “taking the word of the Local and National Public Heath Departments.

These Practitioners have not been able to articulate to me the ingredients of this injection, nor the potential adverse effects of same.

They do not seem to be consulting the Vaeras Database to formulate their comprehension of the injection.

They do not seem to understand the “Experimental Phase” of the Injection, nor can they articulate the use and application of the Emergency Authorization applied to same.

I believe if I were still employed, I would certainly be fired by now as I have not, nor will ever receive this Experimental Injection. I could NOT recommend pts receive the Injection, nor could I administer it, without TRUE INFORMED CONSENT which would require full disclosure of the accumulating reports of both Adverse Events as well as the accumulating reports of Breakthrough SARS Cov2 Infections following 2 doses of this Injection.

I do not understand why Practitioners are not asking the tough questions, and seem to be abandoning Evidence Based Practice?


Sandra Lockhart MN

Sinead Osborne1 day ago
Hi everyone. I'll be honest, I'm not a medical professional however I've been reading all these comments with great interest. I was hoping that some of you may be able to shed some light on the practises of GPs over the last 18 months and also forgive my intrusion.

Why are we unable to see a GP in person unless we forcefully protest the issue? All other professions have returned to face-to-face appointments apart from this profession it seems, and why were blanket DNRs issued on the old and vulnerable in certain regions? That seems rather counter productive to the goal of saving lives?

My vulnerable mother cannot even get a telephone appointment, let alone an in-person appointment, she was treated like actual garbage when she suffered a TIA, additionally a good friend of mine was completely dismissed whilst she was in the middle of having a miscarriage. How many illnesses and diseases are going undiagnosed when doctors are relying on us to basically diagnose ourselves?

My local practise manager recently responded to a complaint I lodged and said the volume of calls to the GPs had increased over 100% over the last year (from 4,000 to 10, 000 calls a month) and that's why they were struggling to cope. I would have thought that saving time via telephone consultations would have resulted in more available time slots and not less? Could all of these covid measures (including the vaccine) be completely counter-productive?

I agree that some minor illnesses do not require a face to face, however I don't agree with the blanket use of telephone consultations for what I consider to be obvious reasons.

I've had all my childhood vaccines and even the unproven HPV vaccine (which I regret), however you couldn't pay me million pounds to take this shady mRNA injectable posing as a vaccine and I'd sooner die than allow my child to have it - now I'm questioning other vaccines also.

I am surprised to hear that many GPs and medical professionals were worried enough over Covid to voluntarily get this mRNA vaccine, surely you must know that it has an exceptionally high survival rate and the average fatality age is 82? (a life already lived).

If the government cares about our health so much, why haven't they increased cancer screening procedures or screening for any one of the other and far more fatal top 25 killer diseases in the country? (UK).

When one looks at the incredible amount of domestic and international propaganda, the loss of civil liberties, loss of human rights and the rise of totalitarian dictates in the Western world, surely alarm bells should be ringing? I echo the other commentators, I can never trust the majority of health professionals ever again. Brave New World, anyone?

Kez J18 hours ago
I’m so sorry. I agree. I don’t understand what’s going on and am very disheartened at the ongoing developments.

Dr. Jimmy Russels1 day ago
I am very concerned about it due to the well documented risks seen all over online. Regardless if these events are rare, our citizens should NOT be risking their lives for a VACCINE.

Amy B22 hours ago
Most importantly, if your patients are concerned it is an adverse reaction from the Covid vaccine - it should NOT be overlooked or ruled out. If ALL adverse reactions are going to be ruled out as a pre existing condition- isn't that who we are supposed to be protecting- those at a higher risk with co morbidities? Should patients be having a more thorough health screening prior to the Covid vaccine if that is the case?

David Lambert1 day ago
I have an acquaintance whose mother at a relatively young age in her early fifties developed mild congestive heart failure. She was being managed well with medication and her cardiologist felt that given her diagnosis that she would be a reasonable candidate to receive an mRNA vaccine. Shortly after she received the vaccine her condition has worsened and she now has pericarditis and possibly an effusion from what I can tell. Her cardiologist states that he wishes he had never recommended that she get the job.

It would seem that given the fact that the spike proteins are known to be cardiotoxins that perhaps use in this population might be reconsidered.

David Lambert1 day ago
The report is anecdotal for sure, but what else do we have to go on? My daughter's MIL developed AFib after the jab but EtOH could also be a factor.

laura gile1 day ago
I am 10 weeks post first pfizer and still suffering adverse effects. Mainly widespread muscle twitching. I have been referred to neurology but it's a 22 week wait and my anxiety is sky high. Not to mention my father in law has been diagnosed with MND 8 weeks post 2nd pfizer. Coincidence or not I'm not sure but the muscle twitching and his diagnosis has me in a dark place. I'm so scared I have MND. The Dr's can't help unless my symptoms worsen and say I have to wait on neurology. I've had clear bloods and ct scan but no further tests as of yet. Any advice please. I have nowhere to turn other than this forum and even some of the comments on here are making me terrified. :(

Dr. sirpa Autio1 day ago
@laura gile

Dr. cassandra balomiri1 day ago
@laura gile i am sorry to hear that! But i guess your father in law had some symptoms of NMD before taking the vaccine, or? Because they develop pretty insidious at the beginning, that's why it takes generally at least 6-12 months from the beginning of the symptoms until the diagnostic. So I suppose there were already some clinical signs/ investigations concerning Als while he was getting the jab.

And the fear of Als we have all of us that twitch is really a terrible constant feeling...but as i saw - none of the twitchers, even those who reported at the beginning of this forum came back to tell lately that they developed Als...But i understand you fear.

laura gile23 hours ago
Thank you for your reply. I'm just so consumed by fear 24.7.

He had a few minor health problems.. nothing ever that pointed towards MND. He's only 58. It's come as such a shock and I'm struggling with how to process it. I won't pretend I'm a medical expert of any sort. I came on this forum for support and someone to talk to as its the only place I could find. But after his second jab he went downhill fast. He's now unable to walk and the mnd has been confirmed. I googled it.... and it says it can be triggered by an immune response. And now I am terrified I'm heading the same way due to my twitches. I don't sleep as I'm so aware of my jerks and movements and my anxiety is through the roof. I regret having this jab. It's ruined my mental health. I won't be having a second.

Dr. cassandra balomiri20 hours ago
There are like thousands of people who experienced twitching after the vaccine or after the covid infection. But no reports that it triggered Als. And being such a severe disease I hope we should have already found some informations...But if I were you I would still report it !! I wish you strenght and patience! Time will make it better, but you really need to take your time! And read what those wonderful people wrote on this forum. Magnesium tablets and oil helped me like many others! I also try to help my nervous system with b12, folic acid, vit c and d, curcumin ( even if i had normal blood results but i see they make a difference).

laura gile18 hours ago
Thank you. Sometimes a positive supportive message is all that is needed and goes a long way.

Dr. Teresa E.15 hours ago
Dr Cassandra

Are any specific doses for this supplements on regards treating post COVID-19 immunization symptoms? The products can come in different presentations. Do the patient need to take a blood test to determine current deficits of B12 and folic acid before taking it? Or just based on symptoms? A lot of this elements are already added, or are naturally present in diverse food products. Just a healthy diet and calmer environment might be enough? B12 can cause in some patients acneiform dermatitis, so they may confuse new skin rashes with post vaccine symptoms, adding extra stress to the equation might me hard for some patient's skin.

jessica crowe1 day ago
@laura gile .

Just breath. I know where your mind is going as I have been there too. 2 days after my first pfizer vaccine I had widespread muscle twitching and cramps, and myoclonic jerks...It was like an electrical storm going off 24/7. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing family doctor who personally asked for a rushed referral to a neurologist and I got in within 2 weeks. I've had 2 muscle and nerve conducting tests and both were clean...they tested both side of my body and any muscle I asked them to. I also had very indepth blood work looking for auto immune disorders (ana), electrolyte levels, and potassium channel, all clear and prestine blood results. I also had two full nuerological workups done by two neurologists, family dr, and physiotherapist. I had an eeg done to check brain waves which was clean and am currently waiting on an mri. My neurologist full believe it was a reaction to the vaccine. I was given the go ahead to get the second dose and had a slight increase in twitching for a few days but nothing major. The myoclonic jerks have gone away completely, the muscle cramps have also gone away completely. The muscle twitching is still present BUT very very mild and so much of a difference from when it initially started. I am 3 months along and slowly getting better. My neurologist tells me it will slowly go away. Keep positive, try to relax. My neurologist immediately put me on magnesium citrate (more easily absorbed by the body than the other magnesium supplements) 150mg two times a day...made a huge difference!

Colleen Krause23 hours ago
@jessica crowe Are you going to take the booster?

Dr. Sterling Williams3 hours ago
@Colleen Krause My dear, why would you even consider it?

jessica crowe1 hour ago
I do not plan to take the booster no

Dr. E Mannell21 hours ago
@jessica Crowe this is really helpful to read and very similar to my experience. Thankyou for sharing
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