Border Officer Just Back From Texas/Mexican Border

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Border Officer Just Back From Texas/Mexican Border

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by Anonymous

I got to talk to him for just a few minutes.

He and another officer did get sick. The local hospitals were overcrowded with illegals. The hospitals are forced to triage and turned him away even with low blood oxygen. He later had to be transported by ambulance with oxygen in 80s.

His low 30's year old fellow officer died who was described as very muscular and looking to be in good shape.

I would imagine the deceased officer was vaccinated long ago as many officers.

Officers are mostly taking care of unaccompanied minors, many of whom seem to be sick, while they watch vehicles full of illegals drive into the USA.

Officers are now being redirected to Germany and Kuwait to process Afghanis. Southern border will have less personnel as officer count continues to fall across country. Many officers have just quit to do any other job they can find rather than continue on in present system.

Once admitted to hospital, he was treated with ivermectin, Z-pack, zinc etc. and told to continue with OTC quercetin, zinc, D, C etc. Too bad they did not give this to them MUCH earlier before getting so sick.

He also mentioned that they have caught many people who were positively ID’d with biometrics to be on terrorist watch list. Must be many more making it into USA he said.

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