Vaccine Mandate Resources

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Vaccine Mandate Resources

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Vaccine Mandate Resources
By ICWA / August 12, 2021
The vaccination mandates announced by the governor, King County, and City of Seattle are unprecedented in this state and it is unclear if such mandates can be made by emergency proclamation.
Please know you are not alone. Millions of Washingtonians are appalled at the vaccine mandates and seeking ways to fight from many angles.

Medical and Religious Exemptions are required to be available per federal and state law, and were announced with the proclamation.

If you wish to pursue a religious exemption, we encourage you to seek legal counsel to ensure your rights are fully protected.

The following nonprofit law firms offer help with religious exemptions:

Pacific Justice Institute

Liberty Counsel

AND you can request legal assistance through America’s Frontline Doctors

If you work in a health care setting, please visit This is the site of organizers working to unite health care workers on this topic and to take legal action. More information and intake forms will be available soon on their website.

As we learn of resources and actions, we will post them here.

Stay strong, stay safe. Unite with others near you, at your place of employment, your school. There is power in numbers.

The ICWA Team
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