Sick Home Care + Kit

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Sick Home Care + Kit

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This email is probably the most important one that I've sent out thus far. I have received requests from some of you asking me to share my personal experience while I was sick and questions regarding early intervention treatment protocols. I have attached a pdf with this info, and with the reminder that I am NOT a doctor (or nurse) and that what I share is NOT medical advice. [Not legal advice either]

I have also attached an updated pdf from my friend/George with his accumulated covid protocol/nebulizer info, a pdf with a 'Fact Sheet: Steps to Take Before Hospitalization' that was downloaded from the website, a pdf with a Medical Directive to Physicians form, and a Medical Power of Attorney form from the website.

I hope that you all will consider getting your Home Care Kit assembled if you haven't already done so. You can call it a 'covid,' 'virus,' 'infection,' or an 'anti-bio-weapon' Home Care Kit. The name is not what's important, having a Home Care Kit prepared is what is important. I have been helping sick people over the last couple of months via phone, text, email, and making house calls to people who were struggling to breathe, including those who were less than 55 years old. So please take this seriously, regardless of your age and vaccination status. This email is not to instill fear, it is to encourage preparation so that there will be less fear and panic in case you or a loved one happens to get sick in the coming months.

Getting prepared does cost some money, approximately $200-$400 depending on what you include in your Home Care Kit (medications, supplements, finger pulse oximeter, nebulizer, thermometer). However, this cost/investment is still less expensive (and less invasive) than a hospitalization.

I will continue helping those who are sick (vaccinated or unvaccinated) and make house calls as needed (to those who reside in Whatcom County, although I have made house calls in Skagit County as well). If you know of anyone who needs covid support (remote or in-person) from a volunteer Wellness Advocate then please have them contact me with the word URGENT in the email subject line or contact me via phone. I however, cannot afford to personally pay for people's individual Home Care Kits. I do give out my own supplies/supplements in labeled ziploc baggies and other containers as needed to those who are sick and in need of immediate care. In addition to house calls, I also make pharmacy runs, store runs for supplements, deliver 'loaner' nebulizers, etc. Donations are gratefully accepted for this service (to help pay for my gas, supplies, receipt reimbursements after pharmacy/store runs) at my Venmo [ASK] and PayPal [ASK] accounts, or snail mail. The greatest gift/donation of all, however, is to help another community member in need after you have fully recovered (because you then have first-hand experience, can share your knowledge, and you will have Natural Immunity after recovery so there is no fear of re-infection when making house calls).

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