SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England

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SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England

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UK study: Most Covid deaths occur in ‘fully vaccinated’ people
Newly released data from the United Kingdom show that the vast majority of “delta variant” deaths were among “fully vaccinated” citizens. These deaths also include individuals who had been perfectly healthy before the shot.

Published: August 27, 2021, 2:21 pm

Only one third of all deaths by the alleged delta variant were among those who did not get the shot, calling into question the assumption by vaccine advocates that the shots were “saving lives”.

From February 1 through August 2, Britain recorded 742 deaths from the delta variant. Of these, 402 were fully vaccinated while 79 had received just one shot. The remaining 253 cases were unvaccinated.

In Israel and the US state of Vermont too, a majority of new hospitalizations were “fully vaccinated”.

Meanwhile, the perfectly healthy Lisa Shaw, who worked for BBC Radio Newcastle, died at the age of 44 in May after taking the first dose of the vaccine. Newcastle coroner Karen Dilks confirmed that Shaw had died of the vaccine causing blood clots in her brain.

“Lisa died due to complications of an AstraZeneca Covid vaccination,” Dilks said, adding that it was “clearly established” that her death was due to a very rare “vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia”, a condition which leads to swelling and bleeding of the brain.

BREAKING: BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died due to complications from the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, a coroner has found.

The healthy mother of one developed headaches a week after her first dose of the vaccine and suffered blood clots in the brain which ultimately led to her death.

— talkRADIO (@talkRADIO) August 26, 2021

2/ More than 70% of the deaths are in the vaccinated, and the percentage continues to rise.

And of course overall all-cause mortality is soaring too.

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) August 27, 2021

Vermont, with the highest vaccination rate in the US, has seen cases rise 4,067% since Fauci said that with 50% of adults vaccinated, we wouldn’t see surges like we’d seen in the past

Sure he’s always wrong, but at least he never acknowledges it and everyone still listens to him

— IM (@ianmSC) August 24, 2021

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